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Women’s March: NYC and the World

For those who wanted to march, yet weren’t able to, I marched for you, just as others before me brought forth the torch of justice for me to be here today. I am proud, as a Canadian, as an American immigrant, as a daughter of immigrants, to have been part of global history. I am incredibly grateful for all the husbands, fathers, grandpas, brothers, friends–men who unhesitatingly understood the bigger picture with great love in their giant hearts–who participated and helped to empower us all. I’m overwhelmed with love and AWE for having been surrounded by my sisters of the world, coming together in solidarity from every walk of life imaginable. I’m also grateful for my Great Comet Family, on a super challenging work day, for jumping in to help and supporting without hesitation. Democracy is at work! Everyone who marched felt its energy and its power, flowing like ribbons of light within our veins! Tomorrow, we continue to fight for freedom and tomorrow we put passion into action! #womensmarch2017 #womensrightsarehumanrights #justiceforall #letsgettowork

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