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White Buffalo Woman: Walking the Path

Pictured: White Buffalo Calf Woman

For Native American Heritage Month (NAHM), the following is inspired by "Goddess Meditations," by Barbara Ardinger

A day of Mourning can be

Transformed as I walk through

My life path, more uncluttered.

White Buffalo Woman appears,

Her hand is both smooth as a

Young woman's; as creased by

Wisdom's mark on the endless

Life well-lived, draws a smooth

Circle into the forest floor.

The earth parts easily under

Her slight pressure, sighs and

Holds willingly the four crystals

Set within: the main checkpoints

Of Four Corners in my life path.

Yesterday, I joined in giving thanks

Followed the oft--traded history

Admittedly, forgetting my

Brothers & sisters here before

What else can I learn from the

Greatest Stewards on this earth?

How history has perspectives?

That it is never too late to learn?

Every mistake is an opportunity

To learn, grow, strengthen my

Life path, a chance to use obstacles

As opportunities to move forward

Sweeping, clearing my forest floor

Stopping, inhaling Her sweet air.

White Buffalo Woman in repose

Both Timeless and Present Time

Points to my anger on the path

Points to my compassion too

Points to me, Warrior Goddess.

Watch me emerge, walk my circle

My Wheel of Life turning beneath

Feet ever-assured, more nimble

Pausing, checking, reading the

Forest around me, returning to

Center: I launch, fly above myself

An overview, a new perspective

Mistakes as chances, as space

Makers, for compassion to grow.

© Isabel Alvear, November 2020

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