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¡Votar! The Latino/e/x Voter

Nowhere near a monolithic voter Than any other culture Latinos come in all shades of Repubs and ah, those Dems Maybe if there still a third party This year went to Tío Bernie It all depends where you're from De que país eres tus padres? What kind of president Did they come from? Did you come from? ¡Qué sorpresa! Miami remains blindfolded To the children separated At the border; they are safe They got in and established: Bush got it right with Elián Gore got el voto castigo Now in New Mexico the Latine Come out polling high We're here! ¡La Ola Azul! Blue waves at Red curtains The pundits and pollsters Mulling over millions of Potential Latinx influences- But only every four years? Because we only count on An election year? They know Nothing cómo pensamos De manera diferente From each other, since we Aren't monolithic in thought Reflecting whence we came © Isabel Alvear, October 2020

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