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Travel reveals avenues of passion…


I’ve been west coast bound for several days visiting my partner who’s been working on a gig. I can think of worse ways and places to occupy my time. On the way to a mountain top, on a drive to tacos and beers, or lying out on the beach, we spent many moments discussing lifestyle vs. livelihood and how to make these avenues intersect.

Travel has this suspension of reality: life would be perfect only if you lived elsewhere, to then discover that the single thing that changes is you.

Having spent the day driving and taking in the sights while he’s been at work, I’ve found myself truly missing car culture. Not a very “pc” view as a hot-footed, subway shackeled urbanite. How cool is it to have control of your destination? Go to a beach, travel to a new community or test out a new hiking spot or bar. All on the same day. Maybe even before work.

Traveling and exploration enlivens the senses and the hot spring of “what if” begins to burbel. Isn’t that the well where I may find my passion being reignitited? What if I were a bartender in California? It’s so much more laid back. I see bars here and there where I can apply my new found skills–a skill that travels. That I find myself excited to bartend on the west coast and feel anxious about doing the same on the east coast has not been lost on me. The slower vibe, the beach mentality tips the scales somehow. People know their drinks will arrive…at some point. New Yorkers demand their drinks arrive immediately.

As I got ready to board the plane back to east coast reality, I took with me in my heart what my partner and I had learned: applying the perspective that the sun can shine in NYC, not the same open skies and sunny days featured by San Diego, but in it’s own way. What if we stayed in New York? Reinventing the quality of life right in our own backyard is what is needed. Understanding where the work is. Walking through doors of possibilities. With the west coast in mind, if it’s those sunny days and environs that is a key missing ingredient not afforded by staying in the east, packing up and leaving, well, that’s ok too.

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