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The Park Awakens

Inside the park, dirt churning The sandy soil moistly warming The earth readying, fortifying Nurturing, gathering power Pushing up daffodils and lilies

Deep inhale, the smells of spring Heat gathering as nature’s strength Returns to give life, permeates All through Jackie Robinson park The dogs following her vigor Gather scents feverishly, salivating Zig-zagging, nuzzling the earth

Oft times like forensic scientists Dogs are like the original CSI’s Of the human domestic experience Lifting one paw whilst noses buried Smelling all creatures’ messages Like the tulip bulbs splitting open Like the worms actively moving seeds

Pollen floating through sun-rays The park cheerful with mating birds Budding branches gently quivering Under the weight of their vibrating Chests, and nature yawns, stretching Awake under winter’s uneasy slumber Spring’s dominance now commencing

©April 2019, Isabel Alvear

#Harlem #dogs #spring #poetry #journey #renewal #NYC #Parks #passion #awakening

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