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The Life of Froggy 🐸

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Frightened from Halloween Weeping, I stood in between My parents glancing at things My brother win at The Rings An original Carnival game

The Haunted House behind Bottle necks ringed blind My brother wins first prize A lady frog of giant size Tearfully, I give her a name

“Froggy” journeyed with us sibs Joining stories and other fibs Dragged a-top a skateboard too Froggy by me, just like glue Tucked in bed, always tame

Drooled, stained, eyeball loose Loving Froggy, epically profuse Her floral dress once so bright She help us play with all our might Until her arm became too lame

Next it was her legs, her back All stitches sewed a coal-black Instead of her main color blue Would’ve matched her eyes true Step-mom not meant to blame

One day too old to belong in play She sat with the others in dismay Packing up our home again to move She was left behind, unable to prove Her forever love a burning flame

© May 2019, Isabel Alvear

#frogs #memories #childhood #Culture #poetry #Latina #family

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