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Pushing for Success

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

Push push, gently my friend

Go on, then, kindly

Be hard but caring

Push yourself and learn

Where the edges are

The corners of your mind

That stop yourself

From being your best self

Push push, firmly now

There's a big hill up ahead

You can do this

Get through this one

Clear your mind

Of your own resistance

To change, to be your best

Version of your new you

Push push, all out now

With every "can't", say

I'm actually doing it now

I'm in it here, right here

Old me is left behind

Stronger me at the top

I did it and will again

My mind won't stop me

Push push, breathe

Sweat dripping happily

Lungs filling joyfully

A gift bereft of others

My one battle is over

The limits my mind has

Decided to set against

Me is no longer today

Push push, me

Don't slide into zero

Complacency, drifting

Rise I will and overcome

Championing to take

Advantage of this singular

Limited edition me and

Make a worldly difference

© Isabel Alvear, July 2020

#success #Breathe #push #mind #breath

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