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New York, I’m a bartender!!

I did it!! Two weeks of seven o’clock beginnings and going, going until 1am the next day. Cramming 66 cocktails and drink recipes into my brain. On the day of the final speed test, I got in 20 drinks in 6 minutes, 9 seconds.

Finally, I’m certified as a mixologist. Now, one doesn’t have to be certified to bartend. But it’s impressive what these schools can teach you so you’re not completely floundering on your first job. The trick now… Applying for work. What does this all have to do with finding my passion? Everything I’ve been reading says to shake things up. I’m hoping straddling the service industry and dipping into the entertainment pool simultaneously will do just that, shake things up. Meet new people. Listen to stories. Make a change.

Find me.

One Chocolate Martini and an Appletini, coming up!


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