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Grey Eyes

Grey eyes affixed, once haunted me A fox-in-hole, he had strayed my way. A plume of smoke, his eyes a glaze I knew what you were, I could see you. Amongst the few breaths he thought to share “My book of love you’ve seen, breathed, “But, alas, my soul, burrows aggrieved “Green leaves, only they set me free “My suffering in smoke, ash and paper “Thus distilled amongst the clouds and air.”

Brown eyes transfixed, heart supine “Why is it you’ve summoned me aside? “From across the country, rivers and time “All that you want, gifted in the palm, “Why not retreat and shelter underground?” Silence regaled as the phantoms clouded Then no one knew what followed first Lies or suffering or the clouds of time Grey eyes, once loving turned milky proved That burrowed hearts will remain aloof.

#spirituality #change #entertainment #poetry #journey #NYC #passion

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