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Erick Medinilla (1976-2013)

Warm, water running down my back The heat releases me, the steam forgives me I’ll never forget you I know how to find you

Laughing, crying, tequila and your hats The Saloon cheers on, the boys sing along Your face begins to fade As my endless days parade

Your eyes fly open to a taco next to Jack How do we stop, when da boots wanna stomp? The lips that begged for life The body succumbed to knife

Loving made by you, an ease that I lack Friendship with such grace, a loyalty I can trace Trancing, batting, eyeing for our Prince Tranny, Diva, discos at the Ritz

Memories that beg me, “Gurl, stay on track” Let the sadness slide, let sassiness abide  Our friendship can’t escape The difference you did make

#friendship #change #poetry #journey #NYC #compassion #passion

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