Image by Andreas Samuelsson from Pixabay

Lines drawn In the sand, concrete, heart Defined spaces

Absolutes I can, I can't I will, I won't Feeling energized Having enough time Clear, simple, defined Yet, impossible Good girls Nice girls Don't say "no" But give and give Wake up empty A shell of a goddess Those lines How they keep moving Unclear, difficult, hazy And impossible Sand shifting or A mudslide or Earth collapsing All around Leaving openings Disrespect flows in again Continuing unchecked No real rules No absolutely stop Just wishy washy No? I think? Guilty feelings Tummy aches take hold Sleepless nights The first hard "no" A battle for the soul Is saying "yes" to Self-respect, to change Saying goodbye to Family, friends, work All these people Time, ideas, thoughts Allowed to gaslight Welcomed to Sabotage To cross, move, erase Redefine boundaries Until now I'm saying "stop" No. More. © Isabel Alvear, October 2020

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