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April Guest: Lupita Eyde Tucker

This month, I am pleased to feature my cousin and guest poet Lupita-Eyde Tucker. Lupita Eyde-Tucker writes and translates poetry in English and Spanish, has studied poetry at Bread Loaf, is a Fellow at The Watering Hole, and was selected as a 2018 AWP Writer to Writer Mentee. Her poems and translations have recently appeared in Baltimore Review, SWWIM, Muse/ A Journal, Nashville Review, Small Orange, Aquifer, The Acentos Review, The Florida Review, Contrapuntos VI, and Asymptote. More poems can be found on her website:


Your two wheels and metal frame have penetrated my brain my two feet no longer can catch up to racing thoughts that swoop on spinning faster rounding corners jumping curbs coasting coasting coasting down the slightest slopes you make me fly with rubber wings pushing me harder pumping muscles steely minded wind whistling past me around me dodging raindrops and ever increasing my peripheral vision pumping euphoria through my veins while I dance on your two wheels.

© Lupita Eyde-Tucker

#cousins #Culture #bicycle #poetry #Latina #family

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